Lewisham Community Tranpsort Scheme staff team
Dave Heeps, Vanessa Bradley and Matt Gummer
your friendly LCTS staff!

Time Band Charges

  • Minibus

0 to 24 Hours

  • Minibus£35.00

Plus a mileage charge of £1.00 per mile

Each consecutive day will be charged at the same rate. These charges include all fuel costs, comprehensive insurance and breakdown recovery service.


To use these vehicles you or your organisation must be members of Lewisham Community Transport Scheme. Membership Form image of pdf icon mini  Terms and Conditions image of pdf icon mini

The cost for this is tiered dependent on how much your groups annual turnover is:

  • Category A - Individuals £15 per year
  • Category B - Turnover less than £5k = £25 per year
  • Category C - Turnover more than £5k = £40 per year
  • Category D - Schools = £50 per year
  • Category E - Mainstream (LA etc) = £100 per year

Driver Training

Drivers will also be required to undertake MiDAS driver training. This is provided by us free of charge for member groups for the first nominated driver, £95 per driver after this. There will also be a charge to 'refresh' drivers training.

All drivers refresh their MiDAS training every 4 years. There is a fee of £55 to carry this out.